Monday, April 21, 2014

Maria Divine Mercy's Real Identity

Here is a link to a collection of articles on Maria Divine Mercy's real identity:


  1. HOW DEAR YOU TO SLAP OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST IN THE FACE!. HE WHO CHOOSE HIS LAST PROPHET MARIA DIVINE MERCY, THROUGH THE WILL OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. Caps are to emphasize the punishment that Christ Jesus will have on you and all who believe this nonsense. However, it doesn't mean you will die and go to hell. It's only going to humble you and bring you closer to Jesus Christ, our Saviour. He died to save all and that is what he is going to do! God bless and I pray for you. Don't allow Satan's vice-like grip take hold of you by fighting the messages of Maria Divine Mercy. Pray to Jesus and listen to the messages Maria Divine Mercy is giving through the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Mary our Mother and God the Most High. God bless and I pray for you. Also, I forgive you, but it's time for you to find forgiveness also. God bless.

    1. Michael S., this blog has good post called "Having it Both Ways with Divine Revelation". Check it out. In it, the blog's author describes how it goes against Church teaching to believe that there should be any sort of punishment entailed with not believing in Maria Divine Mercy's messages. The Church teaches that whether or not to believe in private revelation is up to the prudential judgment of the individual, so to say that one will be punished for not believing in private revelation goes against the Church's teaching. And, for Maria Divine Mercy to claim for her messages a status that goes above private revelation also contradicts the Church's teaching, since the Church also teaches that the only source for such divine revelation - or public revelation - is Sacred Scripture or Apostolic Tradition.

      And, in the process of the faithful's determining whether to accept private revelation as worthy of belief, the authenticity of the supposed private revelation is subject to the bishop's approval in whose diocese the supposed seer or locutionist resides. Since the bishop of Dublin, where Mary Carberry (a.k.a. Maria Divine Mercy) resides, has already condemned the messages, it is actually prudent for the faithful NOT to accept the messages of Maria Divine Mercy as divinely inspired. So, the judgment of one upon another for not accepting the messages is even more rash. All things considered, then, if I were you, I would be more concerned about God's judgment on myself than others.

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